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How it started

Vlaamsch Broodhuys bakes the way master chefs cook; with quality ingredients, culinary passion and years of experience.
Dimitri Roels and his bakers have been baking nutritious, delicious sourdough bread since 1996. With success, because no one can resist the smell of this exceptional bread. Fine bread brings people together and has become an essential part of our bread culture.
Dimitri & Diante
In 1996, Dimitri and Diante still baked and delivered all the sourdough bread together
They visited the better Dutch restaurants with baskets full of sourdough bread. Today they still lead the Vlaamsch Broodhuys with unabated energy.


Dimitri Roels (1969) is the son of a Belgian father and a Dutch mother.
Dimitri was born in Sluis, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, near the Belgian border. At elementary school he first came into contact with the baking profession, through a befriended classmate who happened to be a baker's son.


Every day, after work, Diante helped out in the bakery
Diante Roels (1969) was born in Tilburg, where she also attended the secondary hotel school. During this education it became clear that Diante had strong organizational talents.
Every revolution starts with a manifesto; a credo that encapsulates the values that inspire our bakers to rise early every day.
A bread revolution, waged by artisan baker’s hands. Dimitri’s manifesto exemplifies the values held dear by Vlaamsch Broodhuys.

Our ambassadors


Not only Diante & Dimitri ensure that our bread is healthy and delicious.
Our ambassadors of course also ensure that our bread is healthy and delicious, and not only for special occasions, but for any time of the day. So that everyone can enjoy the best bread without any worries. Enjoy every day, everywhere. That's what we stand for.


Our bread in the best restaurants and hotels in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Our bread is not only sold in our Baker's Cafés but also in the best restaurants and hotels in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our ambassadors include top chefs such as Sergio Herman, Dick Middelweerd and Schilo van Coevorden.

Do you want to work with the finest products?

We are always looking for talented bakers, patissiers, Baker's Cafés employees and more to grow our business and spread our artisan culture to new cities and countries.
Vlaamsch broodhuys Werken bij
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