Two uniforms,
One choice


After completing her apprenticeship at the Hilton, Diante worked as a branch manager for two branches of an international temporary employment agency.
Around this time, (her current husband, but then boyfriend) Dimitri Roels already started baking the very first Vlaamsch Broodhuys loaves. And every day, after work, Diante helped out in the bakery. During the day a suit, at night a baker's uniform.

Diante baked bread, delivered the orders and also decided to manage the commercial part of the business. And then things started to move fast; after a fair in Maastricht Diante and Dimitri suddenly had thirty more customers. A choice had to be made, but fortunately the joint mission was strong enough to be the deciding factor; the suit was swapped for the baker's uniform.


Diante Roels (1969) was born in Tilburg, where she also attended the Secondary Hotel School.
During this education it became apparent that Diante had a strong organizational talent. To develop this talent optimally, Diante had a preference for internships at large, leading American organizations such as the Hilton. Not only the commercial attitude, but also the attention that the Americans pay to good service attracted her. At the Hilton, Diante organized conferences, events and learned what real hard work is. At the time, of course, she did not know how hard work is done in an artisan bakery....

Three crawling breads

Dimitri and Diante baked bread together day and night and took it to the customers together.
After two years, Diante became pregnant and the first baker's assistants were hired. This growth continued. Three years later, the family was three baker's sons and fifteen bakers stronger. And as with all start-ups, sometimes chaos strikes; the third son was even born on the way to a culinary fair.

Diante continued to help out in the bakery, where little Christophe, Julius and Toussaint crawled around freely, completely covered in flour. The children simply slept in the bakery during the day, sometimes even in a bread box. A busy period, and Diante decided to largely shift the work to the commercial and organizational aspects of the young company. Because Diante can transform chaos into structure like no other.

Mature structure

Currently, Diante is still involved full-time in all areas of the bakery.
Developing new products, monitoring quality, setting up the stores, creating campaigns, creating the packages, and all that without losing time for the family. Diante has succeeded in creating structure and guiding both Vlaamsch Broodhuys and three sons to adulthood. She still works side by side with Dimitri, because time has shown that they can move mountains together. So that not only themselves, but all Dutch families, can truly enjoy good bread, every day, everywhere.

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