The Flemisch Basis


At elementary school he first came into contact with the baking profession through a befriended classmate who turned out to be a baker's son.
Together they were always busy in the bakery and it was here that Dimitri was actually sold on the craft. At the age of thirteen he took bakery courses in Terneuzen and Bruges, and at sixteen he rode his scooter every weekend to the bakery of Camille Moillard in the Flemish town of Westkapelle. Here the young Dimitri scooped thousands of pistolets into the floor oven as an apprentice; a strong foundation for an ambitious baking career.

A Culinary Quest

At seventeen, Dimitri went to the secondary hotel school, with the aim of gaining more in-depth knowledge of the culinary world.
He did an internship at the restaurant De Swaen in Oisterwijk, with then head chef Cas Spijkers, and was captivated by the culinary profession. He worked in the kitchens of the great Flemish and French chefs: in Pierre Wynants' three-star restaurant Comme Chez Soi in Brussels and Joël Robuchon's restaurant in Paris.

The bread in Joël Robuchon's restaurant made such an impression on Dimitri that his baking background began to come alive again. It was here that the idea of starting his own bakery was born. He met Max Poilâne, god in France when it comes to sourdough bread, and conversations with him sparked the fire. Dimitri was convinced; bread was going to be his future.

The expansion
of the assortment

Together with his great love Diante, Dimitri Roels founded Vlaamsch Broodhuys in 1996.
They not only share a love of good bread, but also a tireless work ethic and the will to improve the bread landscape.

Dimitri and Diante worked day and night together on the business, but found the time to get married in 1999. Together they got three bakers' sons, Christophe, Julius and Toussaint. Nice to know: a bread is named after Christophe and Julius, the Christophe Pavé, and Julius Spelt. Toussaint's bread is still being discussed at the kitchen table, so he will have to be patient for a while.

Baker, Chef, Pioneer

With the foundation of Vlaamsch Broodhuys Dimitri Roels took the first step to introduce the general public to artisanal, tasteful sourdough bread.
In 1996, this product was still unattainable for many people, but thanks to Dimitri and his bakers, good bread is now more accessible to everyone. Despite this progress, Dimitri still believes that the Dutch bread landscape must become better, more nutritious and tastier.

He prefers to stand on the proverbial soapbox, with a manifesto in his hand, to proclaim that a revolution must take place in the field of bread. Without empty marketing terms, but with the inspiration of a baker with years of experience.

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