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At Vlaamsch Broodhuys, lunch consists of richly filled sourdough sandwiches, as well as salads, bread dishes, home-made soup, grilled sandwiches, and hotdogs from the Dierendonck butchery. All lunch dishes are made from ethically sourced, tasty ingredients, such as raw milk Gouda cheese, or spicy, farm-style chicken salad. There are plenty of clues in our kitchen that Dimitri Roels has a chef’s background. Why would we buy pesto when we can make it just as well (or far better) ourselves? This way, we can control the quality of the ingredients ourselves and we are assured that our fine sourdough bread is served with the best spreads and fillings.

Our lunch menu aims to offer something for everyone, for vegetarians and meat eaters, for big appetites and light eaters. Adults can supplement sandwiches with in-house fermented, pickled vegetables, or a small leaf salad. For children, there is Dimitri’s favourite chocolate spread and jam, served to withstand uncooperative fumbling at the table. Difficulty choosing? We also offer breadboards for sharing, with a combination of different types of sourdough bread and various kinds of spreads. Plenty to sample, less stressful than having to make a choice. Every season, our lunch menu is modified somewhat, but we always retain the most popular classics. Bon appétit.

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