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Tarts and desserts

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At Vlaamsch Broodhuys, we prepare all patisseries in-house. We make our tarts with Dutch butter and Fair Trade Muscovado sugar; 100% natural, unrefined sugar that contains many minerals and trace elements thanks to minimal processing of the sugar cane. Our tarts, pastries and desserts are supplied to our shops fresh every day to make special occasions extra special. And hip hip hooray, the delectable treats can be transported home safely in our boxes. Reason enough to celebrate, surely?

Butter, sugar and eggs are the basis for almost all baked goods, but often only serve as a vehicle for the true condiments. That’s why we select only the very best for our tarts and desserts, such as Californian almonds, French Périgard walnuts, Greek currants, Belgian Callebaut chocolate, and Dutch strawberries. The finest ingredients, simple French and Flemish recipes and not too much finnicking. That way, you can actually taste the full-bodied, earthy taste of the nuts in our nut tarts. If it’s not your birthday today, but you fancy a treat anyway, we promise not to tell a soul.

Enjoy at home or at work