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Dimitri's Favourites

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Dimitri Roels, founder of Vlaamsch Broodhuys finds it impossible to decide which is his favourite from our wide range of sourdough bread. We could never expect him to choose. However, he has firm views on all the other products for sale in the shop, because he only selects his favourites. For example, our sweet spreads, such as jam, hazelnut spread and chocolate spread, as well as muesli, granola, honey, olive oil and violet mustard served with the sandwiches in our shops. And, it may not be terribly Flemish, but we also make our own pepernoten around the Sinterklaas holiday, simply because they taste so good. Good to know: our shops also sell the delicious Camp Remy flour and Brittany sea salt we use to make our bread. If it’s raining, or you live too far away from our shops, you can buy Dimitri’s favourites via our web shop. Nice and convenient.

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