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Croissants and cakes

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The name Vlaamsch Broodhuys betrays our bakery’s Flemish influence. Therefore, it is important to explain that the Flemish have a somewhat different interpretation of cake than the Dutch do. Not cookies, but Pain au chocolat, Koffiebroodjes, croissants, puff pastry filled with jam, apple turnovers, and even Kaasbroodjes fall under the generic descriptor ‘cakes’. Confusing perhaps, but very tasty. To make it easier to understand; the Flemish classify anything to do with breakfast as ‘cake’. Would you like cake with that?

Not just the French, but the Flemish too are partial to a croissant for breakfast. At Vlaamsch Broodhuys, we take our croissant recipes very seriously. Our croissants are made according to traditional recipes, with plenty of butter and dozens of layers of wafer-thin pastry. Each layer of pastry is alternated with a layer of butter and rolled and folded numerous times so that the butter is locked into the dough. During the baking process, these layers separate, creating the lovely, luxurious structure of this familiar breakfast classic.

Enjoy at home or at work