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Cookies and cakes

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At Vlaamsch Broodhuys, we make all our cookies and cakes in-house with the best Dutch butter and Fair Trade Muscovado sugar. Our patisserie chefs are well-versed in classic recipes from across the whole world. Choose from pain d’amande (almond cookies), Old Dutch classics like Jan Hagel, soft American muffins and brownies, and plenty of other treats with your coffee or tea. With a bakery located beside the patisserie kitchen, it goes without saying that we also make pudding; a sweet bread and butter pudding according to the traditional Belgian recipe with cinnamon, raisins and stale bread. Not only is it a delicious traditional treat, it also prevents food wastage. All our cookies and cakes can be ordered in the shop and can easily be taken home or to the office. Experience has taught us that meetings go just that much quicker when everyone knows they will be finished with our cookies or cakes.

Enjoy at home or at work