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The sourdough bread that started it all for Vlaamsch Broodhuys is the grand-mère; a traditional whole-wheat bread made of stone milled Camp Remy wheat. This ‘mother of all breads’ is still freshly baked in our shops every day, together with a large range of sourdough breads that have been added over the years. For example, the Christophe Pavé and the Julius Spelt, named after two of owner Dimitri Roels’ three baker’s sons. Only the youngest son, Toussaint, does not have his ‘own’ bread yet, but that is being deliberated upon intensely around this family’s kitchen table.

At Vlaamsch Broodhuys, we use only authentic wheat cultivars of traceable origin (recolte tracée), so that taste, as well as food safety are guaranteed. Sea salt from Brittany and vitalised water are the only additives used to make this delicious sourdough bread. Dimitri gives the bread plenty of time to rise in linen-lined baskets known as bannetons. All Vlaamsch Broodhuys products are produced in a fully climate controlled bakery. The oven – with its traditional stone floor – is the nerve centre of the bakery that ensures a consistent product with a crunchy crust and heavenly taste.

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